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C) Photos of the places I want to visit

Salta: Guemes Monument.

Far away view.

Close up.

Ushuaia: Tierra del Fuego National Park.


Picture of the wildlife.

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B) Visit two places of interest

The first place of interest that I will visit is Salta. I come here to visit the Guemes Monument. The Guemes Monument is June 17 is the anniversary death of General Martin Miguel de Guemes. He was the leader of the Gaucho Army which defended the Northwest territories of Argentina during the war of independence. He was wounded so badly it caused death in his home town on the night of June 16, 186 years ago. This weekend is now a major celebration. (travel blog)

The second place of interest that I will visit is Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego National Park is what I will be visiting. This national park is located west and northwest of Ushuaia. It goes from the Beagle Channel north along the Chilean border. This park is famous for hiking, and the scenery has waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, forests, and lakes. There also is fauna to be sought out such as, foxes, beavers and guanacos (family of llama). I can get to this national park by riding the Train at the end of the world. This train runs on the outskirts of Ushuaia for about 5 km.

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A) Summary of the country information

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Their official language here is Spanish. The ethnic groups that stay here are 86.4% European(mostly Italian and Spanish), 8% Mestizo, 4% Arab and East Asian, and 1.6% Amerindian. Their demonym is Argentine, Atgentinian, or Argentinean. The government rule is Federal presidential republic. Their president is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Their vice president is Julio Cobos. The supreme court president is Ricardo Lornzetti. Independence for Argentina was granted from Spain. The May revolution was on May 25, 1810. Independence was declared July 9, 1816. They have a total of 1, 068, 302 sq. mi. in Argentina. The percent of water they have here is 1.1%. As of last year, there are about 40, 482, 000. The density of the population is 38/sq. mi.. The GDP as an estimate of 2008, is $572.688 billion. The GDP per capita is $14, 408. The gini is at 49(high). The currency used here is Peso,ARS. As for time zone, it is ART(UTC-3). They drive on the right here and trains ride on the life. Their calling code is +54.

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